Legal Ceremony

by Mar 14, 2022Wedding Tips

Legal Ceremony or Civil Marriage in México Is fully valid for legal purposes worldwide.

Legal ceremonies are conducted by a Spanish Speaking Judge from the local judge government offices; translated to any language during the ceremony. The requirements will depend if both are Mexicans, Foreign & Mexican or Both Foreign, this are:

Requirements for foreigners to celebrate a Legal Ceremony in México: Original valid, passports, wedding Couple Passpport, witnesses passport (2 each) health certificate (2 each)

This must be issued in Mexico with a maximum expiration of 2 days before the wedding. You will be checked by a doctor who will get you blood tests, results will be delivered next day to the judge.

Single Status Affidavit: The document states that you are currently single and have no impediment to get married.

Foreigners marrying in Mexico must legalize their marriage in their country of birth/residence.

This is usually done by registering marriage certificate at Wedding Couple´s local City Hall, the wedding certificate that you will get from the judge is in Spanish so this will need to be translated to your language and apostilled (special seal that Mexican government will stamp on wedding certificate to make it valid in your Country).

The cost changes every year, you must request this with your wedding planner. Consider that your will need to pay the Government Judge fee and the Interpreter.

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