Check list on my Wedding Day.

by Mar 14, 2022Wedding Tips

During your Wedding Day I recommend you to have a detail checklist that must be considered before you leave the Bridal Suite.

The Bride is always the last one to leave the room, just stay with your mom or matron of honor in case that you do not have a Wedding Planner, they can help you with the last details before you say I DO!

During your getting ready, wear a robe as you will have the attention of all cameras, I recommend that you consider having a photographer during getting ready but just after you get your hair and half of makeup done, that is the best time to start getting ready.

It is very helpful to have your wedding dress hanging in case that needs to be steem is easier, but also with the heat of Riviera Maya will help it to not get it wrinkled. Here you can have your shoes and wedding jewelry so when photographers arrive can take some pictures of those special details.

If there is any other special detail like invitations, programs or itineraries will be nice to have them for pictures, for this your florist can provide some loose flowers to give some style to your pictures, this your photographer will love.

Before the photographer arrives make sure that the room looks clean, I always recommend the Bridal Party to have their belongings in one room and Bride Belongs in another room so you do not waste time looking for your belongings and with nervous trust me it can turn crazy!

Before leaving the room make sure that you gave the Wedding Rings to your Best Man or Matron of Honor, in case that you have a ring bear do not put on the real wedding rings as they might lose them or if you tie them hard could be difficult to untie them at the moment that the officiant request them.

Last detail before you leave the room and most important for the next hour, bring a purse with personal belongings like lipstick, gum, scissors, band it or any personal item that you might need in case of emergency, it can be handled by the matron of honor or your Wedding Planner.

For each wedding that I plan we have plenty of staff for all these moments, specially with the Bride there is one person only to help her 3 hrs before the Ceremony, we even order food for the Bride and Bridal party. We know that something light will be appreciated before the Ceremony.

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