Mexican Wedding Traditions

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Mexican wedding traditions

Mexican weddings include cultural / religious traditions and you may like some of this traditions to include in your own wedding if you are having a destination wedding in México, have relatives from México or simply you are a México fan.

1. “Vibora de la Mar” This is a Mexican child song and in Mexican weddings when the song starts one of the bridesmaids will ask other girls to joing her and start marching around all the reception area following the song, at the end of the song all girls gathers on the dance floor and the bride through the bouquet. The boys do the same after the girls and the groom thoughts the wedding garter.

2. Including a Mexican attire as your second dress or for the bridesmaids This is nice and different touch, they are several traditional dresses (depending of the area in México) and some of them are really unique pieces of art, most of them are handmade so they can be tailor made.

3.Flower bouquet on your church wedding for virgen Mary If you are catholic you may include in your church wedding an extra bouquet and at the end of the ceremony give it away together with your husband to the virgin Mary. In México she is the symbol of a wife that takes care of the home and will bless your marriage

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