Simona & Mathew

by Aug 24, 2023Wedding Tips

Rehearsal dinner

This couple chose the beautiful Nizuc Hotel in Cancun as setting for their special day. There were 40 guests joining them for and different and full of fun and love weekend to celebrate the bride and groom. As all the guests arrived at the destination they had a rehearsal dinner where they brought some Mexican traditions to set the tone and made a very unique experience.

They had mojigangas in their party, which are giant puppets that come from a Mexican tradition originally from San Miguel de Allende and along with the couple and guests they start dancing around, usually leading wedding parades with energy and delight. With this fun and colorful choice they sure set the mood.

The dinner was set in a beautiful terrace, decorated with hanging lights, candles in the tables which made all a very romantic setting, and the flowers where in red and orange tones which brought the local colorful touch. For the children there were small dolls in their table which made them feel as special and welcome as any of the other guests. The seating chart was set in this beautiful Mexican pottery vases in which the names of the guests were written in vinyl and the table was full with flowers and local fruits to make it unique and special.

The day arrived!

After months of planning, the wedding day was finally here. Each of them started getting ready, excited for what was about to begin. Every detail was taken care of and capture by the photographer. The bride was surrounded by her closest family, including their gorgeous son, who was part of the celebration. The groom was accompanied by his closest friends and father, they laughed and had a first tequila shot together while he was getting ready. Everyone was excited and ready to celebrate and party.

The main event

As a jewish couple, they had the ceremony following their beliefs and traditions. The event took place in a beautiful terrace with the chuppah made of big branches and surrounded by white flowers and green leaves, this looked romantic, simple and beautiful. The sea, sky and beach could be seen in the back round and with all their loved ones gathered around them, it all made a happy and emotional wedding ceremony.

When things are unexpected beautiful things happen

Even when people can get anxious when your wedding day arrives and rain starts pouring it is actually a good thing. Rain on your wedding day is good luck because it signifies washing away of bad memories or occurrences and, in effect, gives you a completely new, fresh chapter. The party setting had to moved to another terrace, but it was open to the beautiful sea view and it ended up being a small and beautiful location awaiting for everyone to get there. The big table was decorated by white flowers and in each seat there where menus and name tags for each of the guests. Gray and white tones made an elegant and romantic setting, the wooden floor and clear chair looked just amazing. There was also a bar stand with a lighting sign to attract the guests to set the mood and have the time of their lives.

Let the party started!

After the ceremony all guests were ready to party. They had a delicious diner and everyone got to the bar to have their favorite drinks served. Following their traditions they made the chair dance ritual and the dancing floor never was empty. The feeling of closeness and happiness could not be hide. The start of a new chapter of their lives was full of joy and surrounded by a beautiful setting that made all felt almost magical.

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