Special details for wedding party.

by Apr 16, 2022Wedding Tips

When you decide to have a Wedding Party you think about how you will let them know about it, some wedding couples give a notice with a special gift, you can find at Pinterest so many ideas for it.

For the wedding day they will be a special part since getting ready to the end of the party so having a special gift for them will be awesome.

For the girls we had seen bridal party robes with really nice designs, this is a perfect gift that also will look good while getting ready for pictures. Another option is a bracelet that can be matching the colors of their dresses.

For the boys they usually get the bow tie or tie, belt and socks that way everybody will be matching.

During the wedding day do not forget to ask for snacks and drinks, usually girls will take longer to get ready as they will use hair and make up services, so you will need to work on a service´s Schedule, for that time consider to order some light food for you and the bridal party.

For the boys they like to enjoy together before getting ready so having lunch before is a great idea, when it is time to get dressed a bottle of sparkling wine will be perfect for a special toast during their getting ready.

Finally a special program for them will be so helpful that way they will have on hand where, when and at what time they need to be ready.

Having a texting group will be ideal so everybody is on time when you need them for example: for Wedding Rehearsal, Wedding Party pictures or if they are considered for any speech or toast.

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