The Perfect Flowers

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The perfect flowers for your wedding

If you are having a destination wedding and just started the planning you will find tons of flower and decor, cake and general style pictures for your wedding on the web you will fall in love with and as soon as you find the right one that fits your wedding style it will be very difficult to change your mind specially in terms of decor and flowers, that is why our suggestion is to start your research first learning about the place you are getting married, the weather, size of the venues, style of the venues and any other useful information that can help you visualize first what will be the best to include on your destination wedding.

A wedding planner can assist you getting the correct suppliers, and giving you more information and the best options to create what you are envisioning and will save you a lot of time, money and decisions.

Talking about flowers it’s very important to know which flowers are local in the destination you will have your wedding so you can take advantage of the natural beauty of the place and you also get better deals to keep your event in budget. Learning the local flowers is very important since they are places where is very difficult to find flowers you are used to because the weather is different which makes foreign flowers more expensive and more difficult to handle.

Talking about the decor also the weather is very important issue to consider, if it’s a rainy season you should consider a closed area or keep in mind to have a back up plan in case of rain. If it’s a windy season the decor should be planned accordingly as well avoiding items that can fly away from the tables and if you are planning to have candles a good idea in this case is preferring LED candles instead (not the same look but if they are covered look good).

Hiring a professional wedding planner that is familiar with the destination you are getting married is the best idea since he/she will know what will be better to create the dreamed event you are looking for, even if it’s raining.

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