Viva magenta: color of the year

by Jan 2, 2023Wedding Tips


The Color of the Year has arrived

After Pantone’s revealed bright and bold colors like Cherry Tomato and Blazing Yellow, we were ready for a bold and unique choice, but any expectations were blown away, though. Pantone left us absolutely stunned with their 2023 Color of the Year: Viva Magenta. Pantone’s “Viva Magenta” is meant to be an empowering color. Is all about strength and optimism, which is a great combination to use at your wedding. Viva Magenta has a unique, fun flair while keeping it ultra-sophisticated and this would bring your event to the next level. Pantone says, “Viva Magenta is brave and fearless, and a pulsating color whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration, writing a new narrative.” There are so many ways to make use of these magenta and burgundy hues, and especially when incorporated in a wedding, the color is exuberant, confident, and ready to take on another year in style. 

Mix and match

Picture a brilliant sunset on the beach. In accordance with this vision, Pantone suggests pairing this dark magenta with lighter neutrals like sand, cloud gray, and air. Based on these recommendations, we expect to see magenta begin to pop up in spring weddings rather than keeping this deep, rich color reserved just for fall and winter. This color fits perfectly with the colorful Mexican traditional colors and the beauty the beach, sand and sky has to offer. In the end it is all about balance and using this bright color just in the right places to make it elegant, fun and unique.

Use it since the beginning

Your wedding invitations is the first thing your guests will see so make it stand out!  Using your wedding colors as the focus will help carry your theme through to your big day. Go bold with a full color magenta theme or for a softer feel use the color to seep through with a dreamy watercolor tone. You can go bold and use it at the main back color or use just a touch if it to make it more elegant. You will love these designs, and they truly show the scope you can have when it comes to using these colors and moulding them to your theme of chic and classic to a bright and bold wedding day! Keep this consistent with the stationary you will use in your table setting, add it to wedding accessories such as maracas or any fun thing you can think of.

Flowers, tables and details

Using magenta flowers can definitely give the wow factor to your bouquet. Use bright tones for a spring/summer wedding and deeper tones for autumn/winter nuptials. If you want to create an impact then go for a bouquet of all the same flowers, or for a softer tone mix magenta flowers with other tones on the spectrum. Don’t forget about dried flowers too. Natural pampas grass would look great with these colors. Making a statement in the table setting will look beautiful and bright. If you want a more balanced palette you can use more earth colors and add the name placing cards in magenta, mixing flowers with white and green, you can choose to have it as much of it as you like and balance it with the other accessories.

Custom Dance floor

You can have a colorful wedding, creating a customized dance floor with bright floral motifs—a huge reminiscent of Viva Magenta can be seen at the corners. If you want to wow guests, creating your own personalized dance floor, complete with the punchy hue, is a great place to start and one everyone will visit.

Bride and groom accessories

You can carry the theme into your accessories. From lush velvet shoes to feathered earrings. These accessories are great if you want a classic ivory dress but want to add a pop of color! The groom can match using it in the tie, small details in a made to measure suit, even just in the inside if he is more discrete or just don´t want the attention to divert from the bride. It is also a beautiful color for the bridesmaids to use and goes perfectly in a beach wedding.

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