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by Mar 26, 2022Wedding Tips

There are wedding details that makes the difference on your wedding day, consider this recommendations to work on your planning.

Decor and Flowers. If you do not have clear what colors or style you would like to have you can work on some albums on Pinterest, this is one of the favorite apps that we use for decor ideas and flowers, pinning all your favorite pictures will help you get a more clear idea of your likes and will map a decor line so you can make a more informed decision of your wedding decor. 

Select your wedding songs. This will take time but I`m sure you might have in mind your favorites songs or songs that have been special for both of you, this will give a more personal felling in your wedding. Consider this playlist of popular wedding songs for 2020 that can be an inspiration.

Making a playlist using some platforms like Spotify or Soundcloud will be the best idea, that way you can share it with your DJ. This will help him/her to identify what kind of music will be the best to play during ceremony, cocktail, dinner and party. 

If there are some songs that you do not like or any style of music that you do not want to be played on your wedding day let your Dj know.

During the party there are some guests who want some special songs to be played, decide with your partner if you want guests to be able to request songs or not. Remember is your day and you got to decide.  

Seating Chart. You can work on this special guest`s seating just assigning tables or assigning also places in each table, use an actual seating lay out to assign tables and places in your wedding venue. Make sure to identify if they have any special allergy or food restriction so you can alert your wedding venue. 

Consider that standard tables seat between 8-10 guests depending on shape and size of course. 

Favors. Selecting favors is one of the must, it might be complicated for a destination wedding carrying favors for each guests so what we suggest is giving your guests a welcome bag or a local wedding favor that will give back to the community and you will avoid travelling with a lot of things. 

Favorite Pictures. You might see some wedding pictures in magazines or websites that you love, save those ones and mark your favorites so you can share with your photographer and set the tone for your wedding photos and what is more important for you.

One of my advice is that on the wedding day it is a must to have jewelry, shoes, wedding dress, veil and any special extra detail like invitations, that is special material for your photographer and a must picture during the getting ready.

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